308-56A-310 - Personal property lien - Chattel

308-56A-310. Personal property lien - Chattel

(1) What is a chattel lien? For the purposes of this section a chattel lien is a process by which a person may sell or take ownership of a vehicle when:

(a) They provide services or materials for a vehicle at the request of the registered owner; and

(b) The person who provided the services and/or materials has not been compensated.

(2) What documents are required to obtain a certificate of ownership for a vehicle? The required documents include:

(a) A completed Vehicle/Vessel Chattel Lien Sale Affidavit form provided or approved by the department; and

(b) A certified copy of the lien filing that is filed with the county auditor; and

(c) A copy of the letter(s) sent by the lien applicant via first class mail, and certified or registered mail, to the registered and legal owners of record, including the return receipt; and

(d) Affidavit of service by mail; and

(e) Application for certificate of ownership; and

(f) Other documents that may be required by law or rule.

(3) When is a Washington court order required to issue a certificate of ownership as a result of a chattel lien? A Washington court order is required when:

(a) Someone other than the owner of record requested the services and/or materials; or

(b) There is no record of the vehicle on file with the department.

(4) What laws regulate chattel liens?Chapter 60.08 RCW regulates chattel liens.

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