308-56A-312 - Personal property lien - Self-service storage facilities

308-56A-312. Personal property lien - Self-service storage facilities

(1) What is a self-service storage facilities lien? For the purposes of this chapter, a self-storage facilities lien is a process by which the owner of a self-storage facility may sell a vehicle stored at the facility as security for rent or other charges due.

(2) What documents are required to obtain a certificate of ownership for a vehicle obtained through the self-service storage facilities lien process? The required documents include:

(a) A completed affidavit of self-storage facilities lien sale form provided or approved by the department;

(b) Application for certificate of ownership; and

(c) Other documents that may be required by law or rule.

(3) When is a Washington court order required to issue a certificate of ownership as a result of a self-service storage facilities lien?

(a) The vehicle is no longer in the possession of the person who is claiming the self-service storage facilities lien; or

(b) There is an existing lien holder on the vehicle record; or

(c) There is no record of the vehicle on file with the department.

(4) What law regulates self-service storage facilities liens?Chapter 19.150 RCW regulates self-storage facilities liens.

Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. 06-17-145, ยง 308-56A-312, filed 8/22/06, effective 9/22/06.

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