Wash. Admin. Code § 308-96A-260 - Assignment of original registration year

How are registration years assigned?

Vehicles licensed for the first time in this state will have expiration dates assigned under RCW 46.16A.020 except as follows:

(1) Fleet vehicles will have a registration year ending December 31. A full month's fees are charged for any partial month.
(2) City, state, and county exempt vehicles using propane, butane, or natural gas will have a June 30th expiration date for special fuel billing purposes. This does not apply to federal exempt vehicles, which are required to be registered annually and pay the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fee at the time of registration renewal.
(3)Vehicles delivered on dealer temporary permits must be assigned expiration dates based on date of delivery as documented by the dealer.
(4)A February 29th expiration date will be reassigned to March 1st.


Wash. Admin. Code § 308-96A-260
Amended by WSR 15-10-005, Filed 4/22/2015, effective 5/23/2015

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