326-30-110 - Monitoring of compliance with chapter 39.19 RCW

326-30-110. Monitoring of compliance with chapter 39.19 RCW

The office will monitor the performance of each state agency and educational institution and generate periodic status reports for their internal use from data developed pursuant to WAC 326-40-050.

The office will issue a report annually on the total expenditures of the state and the dollars expended with certified businesses by each agency and educational institution. The report will include the percentage paid to certified businesses. The report will be provided to the governor and the legislature as required by RCW 39.19.030(8).

Statutory Authority: RCW 39.19.030(7). 92-20-124, § 326-30-110, filed 10/7/92, effective 11/7/92. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 120. 84-03-005 (Order 83-7), § 326-30-110, filed 1/5/84.

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