388-310-1800 - WorkFirst-Post employment services

388-310-1800. WorkFirst-Post employment services

(1) What is the purpose of post employment services?

Post employment services help TANF or SFA parents who are working twenty hours or more a week keep and cope with their current jobs, look for better jobs, gain work skills for a career and become self sufficient.

(2) How do I obtain post employment services?

You may obtain post employment services by:

(a) Asking for a referral from the local community service office;

(b) Contacting community or technical colleges; or

(c) Contacting the employment security department.

(3) Who provides post employment services and what kind of services do they provide?

(a) The employment security department may help you increase your wages, increase your job skills or find a better job by providing you with:

(i) Employment and career counseling;

(ii) Labor market information;

(iii) Job leads for a better job (sometimes called job development);

(iv) On the job training;

(v) Help with finding a job that matches your interests, abilities and skills (sometimes called job matching); and

(vi) Help with finding a new job after job loss (sometimes called reemployment).

(b) Any Washington state technical and community college may approve a skill-training program for you that will help you advance up the career ladder. Their staff will talk to you, help you decide what training would work best for you and then help you get enrolled in these programs. The college may approve the following types of training for you at any certified institution:

(i) High school/GED;

(ii) Vocational education training;

(iii) Job skills training;

(iv) Adult basic education;

(v) English as a second language training; or

(vi) Preemployment training.

(4) What other services are available while you receive post employment services?

While you receive post employment services, you may qualify for:

(a) Working connections childcare, if you meet the criteria for this program under chapter 110-15 WAC.

(b) Other support services, such as help in paying for transportation or work expenses if you meet the criteria for this program (WAC 388-310-0800).

(c) Other types of assistance for low-income families such as food stamps or help with getting child support that is due to you and your children.

(5) Who is eligible for post employment services?

If you are a current TANF or SFA recipient, you may qualify for post employment services if you are working twenty hours or more a week, unless you are in sanction status.

(6) What if I lose my job while I am receiving post employment services?

If you now receive TANF or SFA, help is available to you so that you may find another job and continue in your approved post employment services.

(a) The employment security department will provide you with reemployment services.

(b) At the same time, your case manager may approve support services and childcare for you.

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