434-750-040 - Definitions

434-750-040. Definitions

The following definitions apply to chapter 434-750 WAC:

"Beneficiaries of the CFD" means any nonprofit organization that receives funds disbursed from the CFD.

"CFD" means Washington state combined fund drive.

"CFD campaign" means the period of organized solicitation of state employees, higher education employees and public agency retirees. This solicitation is conducted to obtain voluntary contributions, donations and charitable commitments to be allocated to participating organizations and federations. State agencies and higher education institutions have the flexibility to conduct CFD campaign events at any time during the year.

"Federation" means a public or private not-for-profit umbrella organization made up of five or more individual member organizations approved by the CFD to participate in the CFD campaign.

" Participating employer" means Washington state agencies, higher education institutions, government-related entities and related boards.

" Participating organization" means a public or private not-for-profit organization designated as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code 26 U.S.C. Sec. 501 (c)(3) or Sec. 170 (c)(1) and approved by the CFD to participate in the CFD campaign.

"Volunteer" means a state employee or higher education employee chosen to represent the CFD and run the CFD campaign at their respective agency or higher education institution. Volunteers may be referred to as "volunteer," "campaign leader," or "local coordinator."

(Amended by WSR 17-12-089, Filed 6/6/2017, effective 7/7/2017 Amended by WSR 17-18-001, Filed 8/23/2017, effective 9/23/2017)

Statutory Authority: RCW 41.04.033. 10-16-017, ยง 434-750-040, filed 7/22/10, effective 8/22/10.

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