82-05-040 - What happens after a petition is submitted?

82-05-040. What happens after a petition is submitted?

(1) Within a reasonable time, the administering agency will send you, the petitioner, acknowledgement of receipt of the petition, including the name and telephone number of a contact person.

(2) No later than sixty days after receipt of a petition, the agency must either

(a) Initiate rule-making proceedings in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW, or

(b) Deny the petition in writing, stating its reasons for the denial and specifically addressing the concerns stated in the petition. Where appropriate, the agency must indicate alternative means by which the agency will address the concerns raised in the petition.

Statutory Authority: 1995 c 403 § 703. 96-03-048, § 82-05-040, filed 1/12/96, effective 2/12/96.

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