21 U.S. Code § 672 - Administrative detention; duration; pending judicial proceedings; notification of governmental authorities; release

Whenever any carcass, part of a carcass, meat or meat food product of cattle, sheep, swine, goats, horses, mules, or other equines, or any product exempted from the definition of a meat food product, or any dead, dying, disabled, or diseased cattle, sheep, swine, goat, or equine is found by any authorized representative of the Secretary upon any premises where it is held for purposes of, or during or after distribution in, commerce or otherwise subject to subchapter I or II of this chapter, and there is reason to believe that any such article is adulterated or misbranded and is capable of use as human food, or that it has not been inspected, in violation of the provisions of subchapter I of this chapter or of any other Federal law or the laws of any State or Territory, or the District of Columbia, or that such article or animal has been or is intended to be, distributed in violation of any such provisions, it may be detained by such representative for a period not to exceed twenty days, pending action under section 673 of this title or notification of any Federal, State, or other governmental authorities having jurisdiction over such article or animal, and shall not be moved by any person, firm, or corporation from the place at which it is located when so detained, until released by such representative. All official marks may be required by such representative to be removed from such article or animal before it is released unless it appears to the satisfaction of the Secretary that the article or animal is eligible to retain such marks.

(Mar. 4, 1907, ch. 2907, title IV, § 402, as added Pub. L. 90–201, § 16, Dec. 15, 1967, 81 Stat. 598.)
{'misc': '', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/21/672', 'headtext': ' Administrative detention; duration; pending judicial proceedings; notification of governmental authorities; release', 'cfr_titles': [{'title': '9', 'parts': [{'part': '300', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-300', 'headtext': 'AGENCY MISSION AND ORGANIZATION'}, {'part': '301', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-301', 'headtext': 'TERMINOLOGY; ADULTERATION AND MISBRANDING STANDARDS'}, {'part': '302', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-302', 'headtext': 'APPLICATION OF INSPECTION AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS'}, {'part': '303', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-303', 'headtext': 'EXEMPTIONS'}, {'part': '304', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-304', 'headtext': 'APPLICATION FOR INSPECTION; GRANT OF INSPECTION'}, {'part': '305', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-305', 'headtext': 'OFFICIAL NUMBERS; INAUGURATION OF INSPECTION; WITHDRAWAL OF INSPECTION; REPORTS OF VIOLATION'}, {'part': '306', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-306', 'headtext': 'ASSIGNMENT AND AUTHORITIES OF PROGRAM EMPLOYEES'}, {'part': '307', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-307', 'headtext': 'FACILITIES FOR INSPECTION'}, {'part': '309', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-309', 'headtext': 'ANTE-MORTEM INSPECTION'}, {'part': '310', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-310', 'headtext': 'POST-MORTEM INSPECTION'}, {'part': '311', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-311', 'headtext': 'DISPOSAL OF DISEASED OR OTHERWISE ADULTERATED CARCASSES AND PARTS'}, {'part': '312', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-312', 'headtext': 'OFFICIAL MARKS, DEVICES AND CERTIFICATES'}, {'part': '313', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-313', 'headtext': 'HUMANE SLAUGHTER OF LIVESTOCK'}, {'part': '314', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-314', 'headtext': 'HANDLING AND DISPOSAL OF CONDEMNED OR OTHER INEDIBLE PRODUCTS AT OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENTS'}, {'part': '315', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-315', 'headtext': 'RENDERING OR OTHER DISPOSAL OF CARCASSES AND PARTS PASSED FOR COOKING'}, {'part': '316', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-316', 'headtext': 'MARKING PRODUCTS AND THEIR CONTAINERS'}, {'part': '317', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-317', 'headtext': 'LABELING, MARKING DEVICES, AND CONTAINERS'}, {'part': '318', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-318', 'headtext': 'ENTRY INTO OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENTS; REINSPECTION AND PREPARATION OF PRODUCTS'}, {'part': '319', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-319', 'headtext': 'DEFINITIONS AND STANDARDS OF IDENTITY OR COMPOSITION'}, {'part': '320', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-320', 'headtext': 'RECORDS, REGISTRATION, AND REPORTS'}, {'part': '321', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-321', 'headtext': 'COOPERATION WITH STATES AND TERRITORIES'}, {'part': '322', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-322', 'headtext': 'EXPORTS 1'}, {'part': '325', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-325', 'headtext': 'TRANSPORTATION'}, {'part': '327', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-327', 'headtext': 'IMPORTED PRODUCTS'}, {'part': '329', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-329', 'headtext': 'DETENTION; SEIZURE AND CONDEMNATION; CRIMINAL OFFENSES'}, {'part': '331', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-331', 'headtext': 'SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR DESIGNATED STATES AND TERRITORIES; AND FOR DESIGNATION OF ESTABLISHMENTS WHICH ENDANGER PUBLIC HEALTH AND FOR SUCH DESIGNATED ESTABLISHMENTS'}, {'part': '332', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-332', 'headtext': 'SELECTED ESTABLISHMENTS; COOPERATIVE PROGRAM FOR INTERSTATE SHIPMENT OF CARCASSES, PARTS OF CARCASSES, MEAT, AND MEAT FOOD PRODUCTS'}, {'part': '335', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-335', 'headtext': 'RULES OF PRACTICE GOVERNING PROCEEDINGS UNDER THE FEDERAL MEAT INSPECTION ACT'}, {'part': '390', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-390', 'headtext': 'FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PUBLIC INFORMATION'}, {'part': '391', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-391', 'headtext': 'FEES AND CHARGES FOR INSPECTION SERVICES AND LABORATORY ACCREDITATION'}, {'part': '412', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-412', 'headtext': 'LABEL APPROVAL'}, {'part': '416', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-416', 'headtext': 'SANITATION'}, {'part': '417', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-417', 'headtext': 'HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINT (HACCP) SYSTEMS'}, {'part': '418', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-418', 'headtext': 'RECALLS'}, {'part': '424', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-424', 'headtext': 'PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OPERATIONS'}, {'part': '439', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-439', 'headtext': 'ACCREDITATION OF NON-FEDERAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORIES'}, {'part': '441', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-441', 'headtext': 'CONSUMER PROTECTION STANDARDS: RAW PRODUCTS'}, {'part': '442', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-442', 'headtext': 'QUANTITY OF CONTENTS LABELING AND PROCEDURES AND REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCURATE WEIGHTS'}, {'part': '500', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-500', 'headtext': 'RULES OF PRACTICE'}, {'part': '530', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-530', 'headtext': 'GENERAL REQUIREMENTS; DEFINITIONS'}, {'part': '531', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-531', 'headtext': 'DEFINITIONS'}, {'part': '532', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-532', 'headtext': 'REQUIREMENTS FOR INSPECTION'}, {'part': '533', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-533', 'headtext': 'SEPARATION OF ESTABLISHMENT; FACILITIES FOR INSPECTION; FACILITIES FOR PROGRAM EMPLOYEES; OTHER REQUIRED FACILITIES'}, {'part': '534', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-534', 'headtext': 'PRE-HARVEST STANDARDS AND TRANSPORTATION TO PROCESSING ESTABLISHMENT'}, {'part': '537', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-537', 'headtext': 'SANITATION REQUIREMENTS AND HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS SYSTEMS; NOTIFICATION REGARDING ADULTERATED OR MISBRANDED PRODUCTS'}, {'part': '539', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-539', 'headtext': 'MANDATORY DISPOSITIONS; PERFORMANCE STANDARDS RESPECTING PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL, OR BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS'}, {'part': '540', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-540', 'headtext': 'HANDLING AND DISPOSAL OF CONDEMNED AND OTHER INEDIBLE MATERIALS'}, {'part': '541', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-541', 'headtext': 'MARKS, MARKING AND LABELING OF PRODUCTS AND CONTAINERS'}, {'part': '544', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-544', 'headtext': 'FOOD INGREDIENTS PERMITTED'}, {'part': '548', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-548', 'headtext': 'PREPARATION OF PRODUCTS'}, {'part': '550', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-550', 'headtext': 'RECORDS REQUIRED TO BE KEPT'}, {'part': '552', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-552', 'headtext': 'EXPORTS'}, {'part': '555', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-555', 'headtext': 'TRANSPORTATION OF FISH PRODUCTS IN COMMERCE'}, {'part': '557', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-557', 'headtext': 'IMPORTATION'}, {'part': '559', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-559', 'headtext': 'DETENTION, SEIZURE, CONDEMNATION'}, {'part': '560', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-560', 'headtext': 'STATE-FEDERAL, FEDERAL-STATE COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS; STATE DESIGNATIONS'}, {'part': '561', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/9/part-561', 'headtext': 'RULES OF PRACTICE'}]}], 'section': '672'}