Nev. Admin. Code § 293.Sec. 2.1 - NEW

Current through March 28, 2022

Chapter 293C of NAC is hereby amended by adding thereto a new section to read as follows:

1. If a city clerk uses an electronic roster for a city election, the city clerk shall conduct logic and accuracy tests on the electronic roster and certify to the Secretary of State that the testing was completed in accordance with the requirements of NRS 293C.2695.
2. The testing required pursuant to subsection 1 must confirm, without limitation:
(a) That each electronic roster accurately displays:
(1) The date and time;
(2) The date of the city election and the type of city election, including, without limitation, a primary city election, a general city election or a special city election;
(3) The name of the city;
(4) The number of voter files contained in the electronic roster;
(5) The precinct and number of voters in the precinct, if applicable;
(6) The current version of the operating system; and
(7) The signature records of the voters in the city;
(b) For at least one electronic roster assigned to each polling place, the correct functioning of the prompts and workflow of the electronic roster for the following situations:
(1) A registered voter in the city who appears to vote in person who has not voted in the city election;
(2) A registered voter in the city who appears to vote in person where the electronic roster shows that a ballot connected to the voter has already been received or voted;
(3) A person who claims to be registered to vote who cannot be located in the electronic roster;
(4) A registered voter who is listed as inactive in the electronic roster;
(5) A registered voter who spoils his or her ballot;
(6) A registered voter who appears to vote in person and brings his or her unvoted mail ballot;
(7) A registered voter who would like to change his or her political party affiliation;
(8) A registered voter who would like to update his or her voter registration information; and
(9) A registered voter in a city with a precinct split; and
(c) The correct performance of the following functions of the electronic roster:
(1) Printing labels;
(2) Printing activation cards or ballot cards;
(3) That a ballot issued by one electronic roster is reflected as issued on other electronic rosters;
(4) Preparing turnout reports;
(5) Preparing daily totals; and
(6) That the roster uploads correctly to the office of the city clerk.


Nev. Admin. Code § 293.Sec. 2.1
Added to NAC by Sec'y of State by R092-21A, eff. 2/28/2022
NRS 293.124, 293.247, 293C.2695

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