Nev. Admin. Code § 486.Sec. 18 - NEW

An instructor who has been issued a license pursuant to section 13 of this regulation shall:

1. Teach a course of instruction in motorcycle education to persons enrolled in the Program in a manner that complies with the requirements prescribed in NRS 486.374 and any policies or standards prescribed by a curriculum organization.
2. Maintain a positive environment for enrolled students.
3. Teach in a manner that fosters interactive learning.
4. Evaluate and coach students during the on-cycle instruction in a course of instruction to ensure students meet learning objectives.
5. Ensure the safety of students enrolled in a course of instruction to the highest degree practicable.
6. Demonstrate safe habits by wearing protective gear when riding a motorcycle during a course of instruction, to and from such a course, or to and from any activity at which the instructor represents the Program. Such protective gear must include, without limitation:
(a) A full-face or three-quarter helmet that complies with the safety standards adopted by the United States Department of Transportation;
(b) Leather or other abrasion-resistant full-fingered gloves;
(c) Eye protection, including, without limitation, a face shield, goggles or glasses;
(d) Sturdy, long pants that fully cover the legs;
(e) Long sleeves; and
(f) Sturdy, over-the-ankle shoes or boots.
7. Operate a motorcycle on a frequent basis outside of teaching a course of instruction.
8. Refrain from operating a vehicle or motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol or a substance as prohibited by NRS 484C.110.
9. Discontinue any behavior the Administrator determines is negative or injurious to the carrying out of the purpose of the Program or creates a likelihood of confusion, mistake or deception to the public.
10. While he or she is instructing a course of instruction or otherwise representing the Program, conduct himself or herself in a professional manner, including, without limitation, maintaining an appropriate appearance, using appropriate language, delivering positive verbal and written messages, being positive in interactions with persons and refraining from behavior that could be construed as intimidating or threatening.
11. Refrain from presenting himself or herself as speaking on behalf of the Program when addressing a public policy forum or taking a public position on issues relating to safety or legislation. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to prohibit an instructor from speaking to the media, participating in the legislative process or any legal process, expressing his or her opinion as a private citizen or serving as an expert witness regarding motorcycle safety issues.


Nev. Admin. Code § 486.Sec. 18
Added to NAC by Dep't of Motor Veh. & Pub. Safety by R129-18A, eff. 1/21/2021
NRS 486.372, 486.375

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